CPS/CCL FACN System User Guide
Please view the 3 How-To videos as an introduction to the FACN web-based medical consultation service.

How to Log In?
How to create a case?
How to use the left menu?

CPS and CCL users will notice changes to the Home Page with the addititon of APS. The format for the case pages remains unchanged with several upgrades.

  • The location of the pdf physician statement/case letter has moved. The pdf icon that was located in the right corner of the case page can now be found in the Attachments & Affidavits tab under FACN Affidavit and Consultations.
  • The side navigation bar now has a collapsable menu for cases and is sorted by case status.


APS Users

APS FACN System User Guide

Welcome to FACN! Below is a brief explanation of the tabs and how to use them.

  • Case Info--The case demographics, assigned caseworker and physician, risk factors and the reason for the FACN referral are entered in the Case Info tab.
  • Communication--There are text boxes for communication between the caseworker, FACN coordinator and physician regarding case details, appointments, information requests and case status in the Communication tab.
  • Attachments & Affidavits--The Attachments tab has an upload feature to attach medical records, photographs and supporting documentation. The physician statements/case letters can be found in the FACN Affidavit and Consultations section. 
FOR ALL USERS:  If you require any assistance or have questions, please contact the FACN coordinator via the FACN help desk email or the toll free number 1-888-TX4-FACN. To speak to a physician about your case, call the toll free number.






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