CPS and CCL users will notice changes to the Home Page with the addititon of APS. The format for the case pages remains unchanged with several upgrades.

  • The location of the pdf physician statement/case letter has moved. The pdf icon that was located in the right corner of the case page can now be found in the Attachments & Affidavits tab under FACN Affidavit and Consultations.
  • The side navigation bar now has a collapsable menu for cases and is sorted by case status.


APS Users

APS FACN System User Guide

Welcome to FACN! Below is a brief explanation of the tabs and how to use them.

  • Case Info--The case demographics, assigned caseworker and physician, risk factors and the reason for the FACN referral are entered in the Case Info tab.
  • Communication--There are text boxes for communication between the caseworker, FACN coordinator and physician regarding case details, appointments, information requests and case status in the Communication tab.
  • Attachments & Affidavits--The Attachments tab has an upload feature to attach medical records, photographs and supporting documentation. The physician statements/case letters can be found in the FACN Affidavit and Consultations section. 
FOR ALL USERS:  If you require any assistance or have questions, please contact the FACN coordinator via the FACN help desk email or the toll free number 1-888-TX4-FACN. To speak to a physician about your case, call the toll free number.


For CPS/CCL Users

CPS/CCL FACN System User Guide
Please view the 3 How-To videos as an introduction to the FACN web-based medical consultation service.

How to Log In?
How to create a case?
How to use the left menu?




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