DFPS caseworkers and administrators can log in to request help with a case. You will be asked to provide some demographic information about the case, as well as your contact information. You will be able to attach documents and photographs directly to your case. You will receive a reply from an FACN physician within 7 calendar days for a routine case, or 3 calendar days if your case is an emergency. Particularly complex cases, such as those involving review of multiple records, may take longer. Please note that the physician’s initial response may be that further supporting documentation is needed, such as medical records or X-rays, before a complete report can be generated.


If you are involved in an acute situation requiring immediate medical consultation, please call us at 1-888-TX4-FACN (1-888-894-3226).

 To contact the CPS/CCL FACN coordinator, please email peds-facn@dfps.texas.gov .

 To contact the APS FACN coordinator, please email aps-facn@dfps.texas.gov


What information is needed for an APS FACN referral?

The APS FACN physicians need as much relevant information as possible to provide a thorough consultation on your case. The investigator should ensure a comprehensive submission is made to the physician.

The investigator uploads evidence to the FACN physician via the FACN web system. Evidence may include but is not limited to:

  • photographs
  • medical documentation
  • lab reports
  • information about the victim
  • statements from the alleged perpetrator and witnesses
  • the DFPS intake

Special items, such as x-rays and radiograph CDs or video surveillance, will be handled differently. These formats cannot be uploaded to the FACN web system. The FACN coordinator receives and handles special items. The investigator communicates with the FACN physician and FACN coordinator to provide evidence that is required to complete the assessment. The FACN coordinator will instruct the investigator regarding the best way to provide special items. Please make sure the physician has the required documentation to accurately assess the injury or situation. The consultation will be based on the information uploaded and documented in the FACN system.This will assist the physician assigned to your case in providing an accurate opinion and assessment.